Publish Date:08-07-2011
Archive Date:01-01-2020

SAMLink Web-SSO Identity and Authentication Solution

SAMLink What is SAMLink?

Key Benefits

If your organisation uses a few web applications SAMLink allows your users to use ONE username and ONE password to access ALL your web programs:

  • Saves time
  • Improves security
  • Simplifies access
  • Reduces training costs
  • Puts all your applications in ONE place
What It Does
  • SAMLink solves the Web Single-Sign-On problem using standards compliant SAML
  • Allowing users to login and access multiple web-applications using one username and password, and, optionally 2-factor authentication
System Architecture


Other Features
  • Easy to Use, User and Services Web Portal providing access to all SAML capable applications and unifies the Enterprise Cloud into a coherent interface
  • Integrate both Private & Public Cloud services into your Enterprise Cloud
  • Mobile Workforce Ready, works with Android and iPad/2
  • Single Installation supports unlimited authentication domains and sub-domains
  • Linked applications automatically gain 2-factor authentication capabilities, e.g. Like internet banking services
  • Supports Deep Integration using SOAP/WSDL:
    • Linked applications can provide Facebook/Twitter-like notifications and feeds to the User and Services Web Portal
    • "Tell-Me-Once" approach to user profiling across compatible applications
    • Not just for web-based applications, Web Services integration extend login authentication to desktop applications based on .Net, Java, etc, etc, etc
Ready For The Modern Web
  • Co-developed by VirtualThinking (Singapore) and Qilynx Systems (Australia)
  • Deployment Ready: Buy today, Deploy tomorrow
  • Standards compliant:
    • SAML2.0
    • NIST SP 800-63, Identity and Authentication Definitions
What's NIST SP 800-63?

NIST SP 800-63